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Get your music licensed

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Ok, now you have you new record ready for the masses. At the same time you discover that you have also produced some great tracks on the past, which are kept safe on hard disks. Your fans friends, family are eager to listen to all your great stuff and wait for your official release!

BUT is that all?

Did you know that music apart from entertainment is also essential for creating emotions inside various productions?

In the modern music industry, a new distribution channel that could boost your awareness and also be a significant income is “licensing” your music to all creative people out there that produce videos, adverts, podcasts, websites, video game and need great music to enhance the impact of their works.

Imagine one of your tracks as background in a YouTube video that ends up having thousands or even millions of views. The video producer in order to legally use your music and upload the video with your tracks as background should have purchased the right to do it. This is called: Synchronization license. You, apart from being paid for licensing your music to the producer are now exposed through your music to all these people watching this video.

Now multiply the above scenario with more than one YouTube videos, Podcasts, Advertisements etc. Your presence in all these productions could generate income and also raise your popularity.

But how a producer could actually find your music in order to proceed to licensing it?
Because of this new trend a new market has grown called “royalty free music”. Composers can upload their music in royalty free music platforms where thousands of producers are visiting in daily basis in order to find what fits best for their productions. With very attractive prices such as 40 $ for use in websites or YouTube and 150 $ for use in adverts or documentaries (non exclusively , the same track can be licensed several times during a day , — ok this is the best scenario but it already happens for many composers) marketplaces selling royalty free music (or stock music) are increasingly popular.

Royalty Free Music Library www.themusicase.com is one of the leading platforms worldwide for stock music licensing to producers across the globe. All music is handpicked (is uploaded after approval) and you can learn more here


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