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Gamification – Application on Royalty Free Music

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Gamifation is simply the process of applying game techniques in non game environments. Things common in games such as leaderborads, points, virtual currencies, awards and badges have always been considered as factors to increase user engagement and loyalty.

On the last update on our production music download platform, our team has decided to move one step forward and apply gamification based on 3 goals

  • increase customer loyalty
  • boost sales
  • gain back old customers

Gamification is not a “black hole”. It needs to be carefully examined and applied to each individual case needs. It also needs to find its optimal gaming level. Overgamifying a business can sometimes cause more problems than it solves.

So we picked up 2 game elements to apply on our royalty free music library.

1) Points and 2)  Badges

1) Points

Each user has a point score. Points are added to each account upon certain handpicked actions. Those actions include

  • purchase of royalty free music 
  • logins / day
  • tweeting about us
  • sharing on facebook about us
  • giving us feedback

We also took into account all past users actions, before our gamification implementation – meaning simply that all past user behavior has not been left apart. A client that has spent i.e 1000USD from 2005 till now, will see all accrued points from his past engagement and receive his bonus from day one.

2) Badges

Each point level unlocks badges. Some badges are only discount levels (5%, 10%, 20%). Some other actions unlock premium badges such as “free music supervisor”. Other badges are also “status only” oriented.

Gamification is an on going process. It can be applied to anything, anywhere as it is built based on a basic human instinct: reward.

If you have any comment or experience from your business fell free to comment below.



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