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Gangnam style – The Rise!

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Gangam style has reached 900,000,000 view on youtubes and it is increasing rapidly, the video is getting about 10-12 million views on daily basis.The Youtube 100 is a chart of the top music videos featured on the website, measured by the amount of song traffic. In that chart, currently PSY is at the top. You can view that chart in the infographic.

PSY is managed by YG Entertainment, this is how they compare to one of the largest record companies in the U.S.

PSY Is becoming popular on twitter and facebook and well, currently he has about 1,533,170 followers and on facebook he has got about 3.8 million likes.

The real name of PSY is Park Jae-Sang, currently he is about 34 years old, his first album was released in 2001, and he was fined for using inappropriate content in that album, Also in 2001 he was arrested for using Marjiuana, he attended college at united states and he can speak fluent english.

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit


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