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Great video games are always followed by great in-game soundtracks. If you participate in this industry as a game developer or in any other position, it is quite sure that you once had to deal with the legal part of using music inside those games. Whether it was music for games intro, or music for game trailers, the process of licensing and legally syncing music with your game production is for sure stressfull and time consuming. Of course the same problem appears in cases of music for iPhone games, or music for iPhone apps.

Our library, hosts around 50,000 royalty free tracks and sfx for instant licensing inside games. The process of licensing is more than simple. Just preview – purchase – and download your tracks. All purchases are followed by the lehal license agreement that enables you to use music inside your games.

Regarding licensing terms you need one of the following license types:

1) Silver License
This license will cover you for use of our music inside online games, and video games that are ot sold. The cost is around 27 USD per track.


2) Platinum License
This license type will cover you for games that are to be sold. As we host royalty free music, you do not need any extra license to use music for games, and there is no limit in the number of copies you can make. The cost is around 110 USD per track.


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