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We added a new option for our heavy users – clients that need more than 20 tracks. Premium Accounts are designed for users that do not wish to pay-per-track. Simply you can now buy a predefined number of downloads (any number that fits your needs) and use those downloads whenever you want. Premium Accounts do not expire and the fee is always ONE – OFF.


Advertising agency needs 50 tracks for upcoming projects. We can open a Premium Account for 50 downloads and agency can use those downloads when new projects come up. Any track from our library can be used in our Premium Accounts.  Price is based on number of tracks and usage of music (license level).

Visit our Premium Account page to get a Free quote for your custom needs.

We have been asked this question a thousand times. As users reach the checkout page and land on PayPal website to complete payment, they struggle to find out if they can process their order without creating a PayPal account.

So here is the situation:

Does PayPal allow payments without PayPal account?

Yes, it does. PayPal allows users to checkout with their Credit Card or Debit Card without having to own or create a PayPal account.

How can i Checkout without creating PayPal account?

When landing on PayPal page choose the option “Pay with debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later”. Creating a PayPal account after your transaction is optional.

See Snaphot

Problem! PayPal does not allow me to pay when i enter my email!

Here is the catch: PayPal does not allow to proceed to checkout (on Debit or Credic Card mode) IF YOU ARE USING AN EMAIL ALREADY CONNECTED WITH AN EXISTING PAYPAL ACCOUNT.

It has happened many times with customers, simply because there was anoher PayPal account connected with their email. In case this is the situation either try to login to your PayPal account (there is one for sure, and the email is the one you are already using so just try to recover your password) -or- use a differnet email.


Who doesn’n love free stuf?

We do and we are sure our customers love it more! We hand picked few of our best music tracks and made a unique royalty free music collection – totally free for website owners!

Just choose the track you want – copy paste the embed code and let the music play!



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Gamifation is simply the process of applying game techniques in non game environments. Things common in games such as leaderborads, points, virtual currencies, awards and badges have always been considered as factors to increase user engagement and loyalty.

On the last update on our production music download platform, our team has decided to move one step forward and apply gamification based on 3 goals

  • increase customer loyalty
  • boost sales
  • gain back old customers

Gamification is not a “black hole”. It needs to be carefully examined and applied to each individual case needs. It also needs to find its optimal gaming level. Overgamifying a business can sometimes cause more problems than it solves.

So we picked up 2 game elements to apply on our royalty free music library.

1) Points and 2)  Badges

1) Points

Each user has a point score. Points are added to each account upon certain handpicked actions. Those actions include

  • purchase of royalty free music 
  • logins / day
  • tweeting about us
  • sharing on facebook about us
  • giving us feedback

We also took into account all past users actions, before our gamification implementation – meaning simply that all past user behavior has not been left apart. A client that has spent i.e 1000USD from 2005 till now, will see all accrued points from his past engagement and receive his bonus from day one.

2) Badges

Each point level unlocks badges. Some badges are only discount levels (5%, 10%, 20%). Some other actions unlock premium badges such as “free music supervisor”. Other badges are also “status only” oriented.

Gamification is an on going process. It can be applied to anything, anywhere as it is built based on a basic human instinct: reward.

If you have any comment or experience from your business fell free to comment below.


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Royalty Free Music licensing is a rapidly growing indystry, as there are thousands of new media (YouTube videos, Games, Websites, Apps and more) where licensed music is vital.

If your business or website is in any way related with music licenses, then our new affiliate widget could be a significant revenue stream for you. Let your clients license music directly from the Licensing Widget and earn your commission fee.

Widget can also be used by website owners or bloggers that just want to try a new source of income.


  • On Hold system providers
  • Photo libraries
  • Online video communities
  • Podcast portals
  • Game portals
  • Blogs / websites that just want to offer this service to their visitors and enjoy a new revenue stream.

Just pick tracks from library, and copy paste the source code into your website / blog. The widget can also host your company logo.

Contact us at info(at)themusicase.com to learn more about using our custom widget in your business.

Themusicase.com blog hosts stories, press releases, and interesting articles around music industry, music composition, film making, photography, advertising, web design, poscasting.

If you feel like sharing a story with our readers please send us your article or post for review at info(at)themusicase.com.

You can also post to our WordPress Blog directly and send your article for review. Upon approval your post will be online on our blog.

Please limit any extenral links to (2). Any blog post containing more than 2 outbound links will be removed.

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Ok, now you have you new record ready for the masses. At the same time you discover that you have also produced some great tracks on the past, which are kept safe on hard disks. Your fans friends, family are eager to listen to all your great stuff and wait for your official release!

BUT is that all?

Did you know that music apart from entertainment is also essential for creating emotions inside various productions?

In the modern music industry, a new distribution channel that could boost your awareness and also be a significant income is “licensing” your music to all creative people out there that produce videos, adverts, podcasts, websites, video game and need great music to enhance the impact of their works.

Imagine one of your tracks as background in a YouTube video that ends up having thousands or even millions of views. The video producer in order to legally use your music and upload the video with your tracks as background should have purchased the right to do it. This is called: Synchronization license. You, apart from being paid for licensing your music to the producer are now exposed through your music to all these people watching this video.

Now multiply the above scenario with more than one YouTube videos, Podcasts, Advertisements etc. Your presence in all these productions could generate income and also raise your popularity.

But how a producer could actually find your music in order to proceed to licensing it?
Because of this new trend a new market has grown called “royalty free music”. Composers can upload their music in royalty free music platforms where thousands of producers are visiting in daily basis in order to find what fits best for their productions. With very attractive prices such as 40 $ for use in websites or YouTube and 150 $ for use in adverts or documentaries (non exclusively , the same track can be licensed several times during a day , — ok this is the best scenario but it already happens for many composers) marketplaces selling royalty free music (or stock music) are increasingly popular.

Royalty Free Music Library www.themusicase.com is one of the leading platforms worldwide for stock music licensing to producers across the globe. All music is handpicked (is uploaded after approval) and you can learn more here

Themusicase.com Royalty Free Music Library is providing legal use of Stock Music for Mobile Apps.

Application Developers for all mobile operation systems such as

  • Android (Mobile & Tablets)
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad Devices)
  • Blackerry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian

Developers may purchase themes of their choise and legally use  them in their apps. All our licenses are valid for unlimited mumber of app installations and for unlimited mumber of years.

Mobile App licenses are covered by the Platinum License.

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All music licenses in themusicase.com library can be instantly purchased with Credit Card through PayPal website. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to complete payment.

PayPal clears payment of all major credit cards.

If you do not have a Paypal account just follow steps:

- Click on “Proceed to Checkout” button on your basket page.
- Paypal page will open.
- On Paypal page, click on “Don’t have Paypal account” on the right part of page.
See snapshot below.

Purchasing Royalty Free Music with Credit Card

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Themusicase Royalty Free Stock Music Library

Purchasing Royalty Free Music from a Stock Music Library gives buyer the legal right to Synchronize music with an audiovisual production. Usually Royalty Free Music prices depend only on media where music is to be used (tv, web, radio, film, documentary) and authorize use for unlimited time period.

Non Royalty Free Music or Rights Managed Music licensing needs to be cleared from label, publisher and artist and usually is an expensive and time consuming process. Royalty Free Music can be acquired instantly online and prices usually are not more than 50 – 100 $ / track.

Themusicase.com provides high quality production music for use in films, documentaries, websites and adverts.

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We added a new option for our heavy users - clients that need more than 20 tracks. Premium Accounts are designed for users that do...