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All royalty free track licenses bought from us can easily be upgarded. For any reason if you need to use our music in media not included in your current license type just drop us an email at info[at]themusicase.com with your username and the tracks you need to upgrade and we will issue a new license for you. All you have to do is just pay for the price difference.

An even quicker way to upgrade your license is to directly purchase the new license and request a refund from the previews purchase. The process takes a few minutes after we receive the new payment and the previews deposit refund request.

Who doesn’n love free stuf?

We do and we are sure our customers love it more! We hand picked few of our best music tracks and made a unique royalty free music collection – totally free for website owners!

Just choose the track you want – copy paste the embed code and let the music play!



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“One never gets a second chance to make a first impression”. This famous quote is important on a business level. A nice welcome phone message on your business combined with a suitable on hold music background, can make a huge difference on your first impression.

Using on hold music for business, requires relevant licensing. On themusicase.com library you can instantly choose – license and download one of our 50,000 prelicensed tracks for use in your business on hold message. The license type for that usage is: Golden.


Popular tracks for on hold use can be found here.

Great video games are always followed by great in-game soundtracks. If you participate in this industry as a game developer or in any other position, it is quite sure that you once had to deal with the legal part of using music inside those games. Whether it was music for games intro, or music for game trailers, the process of licensing and legally syncing music with your game production is for sure stressfull and time consuming. Of course the same problem appears in cases of music for iPhone games, or music for iPhone apps.

Our library, hosts around 50,000 royalty free tracks and sfx for instant licensing inside games. The process of licensing is more than simple. Just preview – purchase – and download your tracks. All purchases are followed by the lehal license agreement that enables you to use music inside your games.

Regarding licensing terms you need one of the following license types:

1) Silver License
This license will cover you for use of our music inside online games, and video games that are ot sold. The cost is around 27 USD per track.


2) Platinum License
This license type will cover you for games that are to be sold. As we host royalty free music, you do not need any extra license to use music for games, and there is no limit in the number of copies you can make. The cost is around 110 USD per track.


As a developer there are hundred of times that a client or a project needs to have a soundtrack or music as background.

There are many disadvantages playing music in a background on a website and many advantages.

When building a website in flash e.g. a photographer website or a movie – game presentation you have to pick a track and play it on background because it gets you quickly to the mood of the “product”.
But if you are building a website e.g. an eshop, a company website or even a blog i suggest not having background music except if your company is a gym or a design trend.

Working with flash and music is an easy part.

But what is happening working on html.
As you know html and generally server side sites are sending a request to the server and then the server serves the new page. So we have a new page on every link.
This is a major problem with the background music because clicking on a link reloads the player so the music too.

The solution of this problem is to develop your website with ajax methods.
So every request will be loaded on a certain div that is different from the div that holds the player.

With ajax methods you have some limitations on your SEO (there are some libraries out there that fix this problem) but sure better than building your website on flash that is totally seo unfriendly.

So we have the methods and we have decided that we want background music on our website.
What is happening with the music track.

I am sure that many of you out there, you are just grabbing a commercial song and put it on your website.
Well that in NOT LEGAL. Because you do not have the license to use this track on your project.
If you have the license then it’s ok.

There are too many libraries out there that does this Job.
They called Royalty free music libraries also known as stock music libraries.

Please be aware of the term. Royalty free doesn’t means free. It means that you just paying a single fee and no other royalties.

At http://www.themusicase.com you can find a thousand of tracks that will fit your needs that cost about 30 $ per track for usage as background music on your website (royalty free music silver license)

Now what is happening if you do not want to pay nothing.
Well many royalty free music libraries have sections that offers totally free the license to use their music (or certain tracks) on your website.

In most cases they offer free background music for websites with ready made code that you just grab it and paste it on your website source.
Try one here free Royalty Free music for websites

That is a good thing because you do not have (as a developer) to do nothing. Neither building an mp3 player not paying any royalties.

And yes you are legal.

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The term Royalty Free Music Beds refers to music backgrounds widely used in all kinds of productions whether they are YouTube videos / Weather Broadcast scenes / Advertisements. Every use of music as “music bed” requires relevant Sync Licensing from the music creator (composer/ producer etc).

Themusicase.com selection of Stock Music Beds ready for immediate licensing for use in every media production comes along with a full licensing service. Purchasing a license directly from our themusicase.com library, clients are 100% eligible of using the music in their productions. Every purchase comes along with a License Agreement fully describing the potential music uses.

Follow us on Twitter : @themusicase

Themusicase.com Royalty Free Music Library is providing legal use of Stock Music for Mobile Apps.

Application Developers for all mobile operation systems such as

  • Android (Mobile & Tablets)
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad Devices)
  • Blackerry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian

Developers may purchase themes of their choise and legally use  them in their apps. All our licenses are valid for unlimited mumber of app installations and for unlimited mumber of years.

Mobile App licenses are covered by the Platinum License.

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What is Stock Music and how can be legally used?

Alltough Stock Music term has been around for quite a long time and thus familiar to many people in the production music industry worldwide, this small article attempts to shed some light to the term especially for those that have not used stock music so far in their projects or do not know yet what is all about.

As the word “stock” explains, stock music is music that has been pre-recorded and is not “custom made” for a specific project. Of course music may have been used or may have been custom made in the past for some particular production but if composer of this music has the rights to do so, music can be licensed to various other projects as well.

Stock music is available in Stock Music Libraries or Royalty Free Music Libraries usually in a pay per track licensing scheme costing around 40 – 120$ depending on media where tracks are about to be licensed for. In most cases licensing a track from a music library does not give the exclusive right to the producer to use this music only on his project. The same track may be licensed to various other customers / producers at the same time for use in other productions. Thus, you may hear the same track in numerous different productions around the globe.

Exclusivity can be bought in some cases where a producer may decide to negotiate a price with the composer and the stock music library for acquiring the exclusive rights for a certain region or a certain time period. Prices in such cases can be really high as tracks are removed from any other database that are also available for licensing.

Stock Music composers are in most cases professionals on media music production being occupied by themselves as production music composers, composing, mixing and distributing through stock music libraries their works. Each track may appear in commercial cuts ready for client to use it in 30sec’s or 60 sec’s version of a jingle or advertisement.

During last years the stock music industry has grown significantly comparing with the traditional way of ordering custom music (work for hire) from a composer. Media composers also are shifting to royalty free music libraries facing a new opportunity to exploit already made music tracks.

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We are excited to announce a new entry in our website. Composer Denis Rybkin has just joined with a production music collection of wide range. Denis’s music covers many music styles for use in all productions from video games to adverts or simple corporate videos.

You may find Denis Rybkin music and license it instantly for your productions by using this link:

Denis has currently 176 production tracks in our royalty free music library.

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There is a lot of buzz lately regarding legal use of commercial music on YouTube or related video sites. Recently many videos with unauthorized commercial music have been muted due to copyright infringement. YouTube users used to put their favorite song as a soundtrack for their latest home video production without having the legal right to do so.

To get things straight about this issue it is essential for all us to know that any use of music in any kind of production (whether it is a home production or a major Hollywood film) has to be combined with an authorization by the composer or the publisher of music. This is called Synchronization License.

Thus if a YouTube user wanted to be legally right regarding use of his favorite radio hit in his home production, he should first contact the band to get the relevant Sync license to do so by paying a specific amount of money. This procedure is by far costly and takes serious time and efforts in order to be processed.

The solution on this is use of music from Royalty Free Music Libraries. Purchasing a license from such a library authorizes user to use music legally in predetermined media. Music is available for download instantly after purchase.

For example, our Royalty Free Music Library http://www.themusicase.com sells music for use in home productions (including YouTube videos broadcast) for about 25 Euro per track. We call it Silver Sync License and this is valid for unlimited time period. Use of such music is 100% licensed to user, as Library has deal with the band or the publisher to license original production music for media uses.

As commercial music use and copyright infringement are very close nowadays, home producers should be very careful with selection of background music tracks.

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