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The term Royalty Free Music Beds refers to music backgrounds widely used in all kinds of productions whether they are YouTube videos / Weather Broadcast scenes / Advertisements. Every use of music as “music bed” requires relevant Sync Licensing from the music creator (composer/ producer etc).

Themusicase.com selection of Stock Music Beds ready for immediate licensing for use in every media production comes along with a full licensing service. Purchasing a license directly from our themusicase.com library, clients are 100% eligible of using the music in their productions. Every purchase comes along with a License Agreement fully describing the potential music uses.

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Themusicase.com Royalty Free Music Library is providing legal use of Stock Music for Mobile Apps.

Application Developers for all mobile operation systems such as

  • Android (Mobile & Tablets)
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad Devices)
  • Blackerry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian

Developers may purchase themes of their choise and legally use  them in their apps. All our licenses are valid for unlimited mumber of app installations and for unlimited mumber of years.

Mobile App licenses are covered by the Platinum License.

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Royalty Free Christmas Music

Our Royalty Free Christmas Music Collection is available here.

Includes all well known Christmas themes such as Silent Night, Little Drummers, Jingle Bells and many more.

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We added a new option for our heavy users - clients that need more than 20 tracks. Premium Accounts are designed for users that do...