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Bulk – Batch Audio Files Watermarking

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We recently needed to convert a vast number of audio files into watermarked versions of the same tracks. Watermarking is the process adding a 2nd sound layer over a music track such as company audio logo, radio station logo each 15 seconds etc.

As there is no existing tool far Mass / Bulk Audio watermarking we developed the “Batch Watermark” software, enabling batch watermarking.

Process combines 2 files (the input file to be watermarked and the actual watermark containing the audio logo) and automatically repeats it for all requested files.

Companies or individuals may contact us here for using this tool for their mass audio watermarking needs.




    i am a composer with numerous tracks i would like to watermark.
    I have done audio watermarking on some of my tracks but
    the problem is that I have to do it in an audio editing software one track at a time which is very annoying and time consuming.

    so I need a script/software that will do the job for a batch of several tracks at once. ( from 1 up to 100 and more).
    my mp3s as the input source to a watermarked mp3 for the output source ( 128 kbps ).

    I have about 150 mp3s pending to be watermarked with a prefix i.e. “myaudio.mp3″ could be renamed to “W_myaudio.mp3″ .

    thank you for your help


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