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We are excited to announce a new entry in our website. Composer Denis Rybkin has just joined with a production music collection of wide range. Denis’s music covers many music styles for use in all productions from video games to adverts or simple corporate videos.

You may find Denis Rybkin music and license it instantly for your productions by using this link:

Denis has currently 176 production tracks in our royalty free music library.

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There is a lot of buzz lately regarding legal use of commercial music on YouTube or related video sites. Recently many videos with unauthorized commercial music have been muted due to copyright infringement. YouTube users used to put their favorite song as a soundtrack for their latest home video production without having the legal right to do so.

To get things straight about this issue it is essential for all us to know that any use of music in any kind of production (whether it is a home production or a major Hollywood film) has to be combined with an authorization by the composer or the publisher of music. This is called Synchronization License.

Thus if a YouTube user wanted to be legally right regarding use of his favorite radio hit in his home production, he should first contact the band to get the relevant Sync license to do so by paying a specific amount of money. This procedure is by far costly and takes serious time and efforts in order to be processed.

The solution on this is use of music from Royalty Free Music Libraries. Purchasing a license from such a library authorizes user to use music legally in predetermined media. Music is available for download instantly after purchase.

For example, our Royalty Free Music Library http://www.themusicase.com sells music for use in home productions (including YouTube videos broadcast) for about 25 Euro per track. We call it Silver Sync License and this is valid for unlimited time period. Use of such music is 100% licensed to user, as Library has deal with the band or the publisher to license original production music for media uses.

As commercial music use and copyright infringement are very close nowadays, home producers should be very careful with selection of background music tracks.

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