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We recently needed to convert a vast number of audio files into watermarked versions of the same tracks. Watermarking is the process adding a 2nd sound layer over a music track such as company audio logo, radio station logo each 15 seconds etc.

As there is no existing tool far Mass / Bulk Audio watermarking we developed the “Batch Watermark” software, enabling batch watermarking.

Process combines 2 files (the input file to be watermarked and the actual watermark containing the audio logo) and automatically repeats it for all requested files.

Companies or individuals may contact us here for using this tool for their mass audio watermarking needs.

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Royalty Free Christmas Music

Our Royalty Free Christmas Music Collection is available here.

Includes all well known Christmas themes such as Silent Night, Little Drummers, Jingle Bells and many more.

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All music licenses in themusicase.com library can be instantly purchased with Credit Card through PayPal website. You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to complete payment.

PayPal clears payment of all major credit cards.

If you do not have a Paypal account just follow steps:

- Click on “Proceed to Checkout” button on your basket page.
- Paypal page will open.
- On Paypal page, click on “Don’t have Paypal account” on the right part of page.
See snapshot below.

Purchasing Royalty Free Music with Credit Card

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Themusicase Royalty Free Stock Music Library

Purchasing Royalty Free Music from a Stock Music Library gives buyer the legal right to Synchronize music with an audiovisual production. Usually Royalty Free Music prices depend only on media where music is to be used (tv, web, radio, film, documentary) and authorize use for unlimited time period.

Non Royalty Free Music or Rights Managed Music licensing needs to be cleared from label, publisher and artist and usually is an expensive and time consuming process. Royalty Free Music can be acquired instantly online and prices usually are not more than 50 – 100 $ / track.

Themusicase.com provides high quality production music for use in films, documentaries, websites and adverts.

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We added a new option for our heavy users - clients that need more than 20 tracks. Premium Accounts are designed for users that do...